João da Silva e Cunha was the founder of this company and one of the pioneers of the Portuguese footwear industry.

Born on April 27, 1918, in Lagares, Felgueiras, in the bosom of a humble family of seven brothers.

After finishing elementary school and only with 11 years, began to work in Felgueiras, in the house of the Lake, like clerk.

João, with 14 years old, was able to learn the art of cobbler, with the master Carvalho Dias, acquiring technical skills and aesthetic sense in this area.

However, in a moment of certain exaggeration and frustration of the master, who did not accept, a pair of boots, that João had done, claiming to have defect, forcing him to pay for them, 10 cents. After this episode, he said good-bye.

The next day, he went to Guimarães on his bike to a tannery, where he bought leather for the first time, to start making his boots.

Due to his effort and thanks to his disciplined work, he got the first client of his life, "Ribeiro do Bolhão”, Porto.

In 1935, he employed a young man to work with him, but with 19, he had three employees, working for himself.

In 1940 he bought his first house for the amount of € 60.00. Here he founded his first company, which he named João da Silva e Cunha & Filhos, Lda .. creating PEDREIRA brand.

The factory had only a few "Singer" machines, and the rest of the process was manufactured and the molds were made of carton

At that time, he would have had about 15 people working with him, and the factory began to grow steadily.

With the passage of time, with great dedication and commitment, PEDREIRA shoes began to be recognized in every national market.

Working in cooperation with his children, he succeeded in capturing new market concepts and acquiring new entrepreneurial skills.

The characteristics of his personality (independence, insistence, vitality, pride), made his children and even grandchildren develop skills and knowledge in this industrial area.

With João sons at the head of the business and after the opening of new markets, immediately after April 25, 1974, the factory began to expand internationally.

Foreign markets boosted PEDREIRA and other factories in the county (consolidated growth, in the following decades, after Portugal joined the European Union).

João da Cunha e Silva, died in 2012, a victim of illness, leaving his mark and contribution to the development of the footwear sector in Portugal, in an unquestioned way (both for its functional, emotional, relational and strategic dimensions; The product concept itself).

"A man who dared, concretized; Who was born, not to follow anyone but his own steps"

"A man who dared, concretized; Who was born, not to follow anyone but his own steps"