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PEDREIRA SHOES Development Processes

Explaining what we do

Almost 100% of our products are for exportation.

Specially dedicated to the men's’ and ladies' footwear segment, is known essentially for the ease with which it faces each challenge and each customer, seeking daily to respond to the demands of all its business partners.

Constantly focusing on research into raw materials, colors, shapes and textures, PEDREIRA always has an eye on the trends and innovation of both domestic and foreign markets, particularly in the design and demanding construction of its models.

Whether attending to its customers, that for some time now have recognized the drive and competence of the company, or concentrating on its own brand – PEDREIRA has been visible in the many different processes centered on developing Portuguese footwear.

This company has the direct participation of about 120 workers, highly qualified, that perform their activity in perfect conditions of hygiene and security, being this feature a reference for this sector of activity.

Currently this company has the capacity to produce approximately 1.000 pairs per day. We are specialized in one or more kinds of construction which enables us to have a great flexibility and makes us a company fit to elaborate and produce a complete collection for a certain brand.

We can manufacture the following construction types: stitched pratik, cemented , we are able to produce as well the following constructions: glove, glued, glued and stitched, lateral stitching, etc.

It should be mentioned that PEDREIRA is able to produce more than one kind of construction, that allows PEDREIRA to have a good capacity regarding the quickness of the delivery of orders, being this an imperative factor nowadays, as we are inserted in a very competitive market.

Besides this flexibility, PEDREIRA has a team of stylists, very creative, who are always concerned with following the fashion. In order to support our stylists to have quickly developments of the new collections, they have available a CAD- CAM system with automatic cutting system which allows a fast materialization of the created styles , and also possible to produce small orders.